Power to nature

Plant biostimulants contain substance(s) and/or micro-organisms whose function when applied to plants or the rhizosphere is to stimulate natural processes to enhance/benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop quality.


improving the efficiency of the plants' metabolism to induce yield increases

abiotic stress

increasing plant tolerance to and recovery from abiotic stress


enhancing soil fertility through  the development micro-organisms


enhancing quality attributes of produce, including sugar content, colour, fruit 


facilitating nutrient assimilation, nutrient translocation and use inside the plant


rendering water use more efficient for the better work of the plant and the better management

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The study of several matrixes takes Grabi to have the most efficient biostimulants. They act on the plant promoting its metabolism, the natural process through the increase and the best absorption of nutrients, the resistance to abiotic stress, the quality of the crop reducing the nutritional physiopathologies.



The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) promotes the contribution of plant biostimulants to make agriculture more sustainable and resilient and in doing so promotes the growth and development of the European Biostimulant Industry. EBIC was founded in June 2011 as the European Biostimulant Industry Consortium and changed its named when it gained legal identity in 2013.

Grabi Chemical will be sponsor of the third edition of the Biostimulants World Congress.

We invite you all toevaluate the possibility to partecipate to this congress that will have the biostimulants as protagonist focus in the topics. Grabi has been developing biostimulants from many years taking advantage of the genomic technology. In Miami a genomic biostimulant of our production will be presented, it will be able to guarantee a growth uniformity to the crop and the production’s stimulation of secondary metabolites inside the plant.

Our company will have a private room in order to meet all the companies that desire to know our reality.


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